The Red Ball Follow Up

WALT:Know what other words mean

1.“You got your wish,”she sneered.
2.    “Please,” begged Ida.
Cautiously begged
3.    Then it disappeared.
Disappeared into thin air
4.    In a clearing, the green-girl was dancing in a circle with other children.
5.    The playground blurred.
Was making a dizzy swirl
6.    Still enchanted by the fairy spell, May heard nothing.
7.    “You got your wish,”she sneered.
Sneeky wish
8.    She was clutching the red ball.
Holding the red ball tightly so it won’t slip out of her hands
9.    “Begone!”
Go away as she twitched
10.    Dragging herself up , Ida ran to the slide and grabbed the ball.

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