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WALT write for enjoyment (Free Writing)

Once upon a time there lived a boy called Jason, but everyone called him Jay. He lived in a forest, but it wasn’t a tribe he was in, he was in a medium sized town that was actually very very rich. Most of all he was the richest of them all, he was also the Chief/Master of Underground Town. Everyone loved him, he was the best and greatest of them all. His house was underground and what he had in his room was a double bed, but with no bed on the bottom. He had to pull out a desk on the bottom with some drawers on the bottom as well. His bed was all covered in blue. He had an electric guitar in the left corner of his bedroom. And he had a secret lair behind the desk of his bed, it had a hidden trapdoor. The door led down into where he keeps his money machines that make money for him, he also keeps his inventions in there too and he normally keeps a couple of his special stuff in there because it isn't very big. He has his own garage that he keeps in the back of the house. He has his two cars in there, an Audi R8 and a Zonda R in it and his tools. He has a few rooms that he owns, they are locked up with his passcodes, that only he and his friends know. The first one he keeps his motor racing gear in. His second one has all his music instruments and music gear. The third one he has all his pets in, with loads of water and food in the room. The fourth one he had all his collectables, example: Pokemon cards collections star wars cards. His fifth room he had all his sports gear in etc, his BMX gear and his soccer gear and his league gear and many other sports gear. His sixth one he had all his guns in, like Nerf Guns and actual real guns and just all guns even all his swords, blades, knives, pocket knives, shurikens, grenades, concussions, bombs, and so many others, that was probably his biggest room out of all of them.

His friends were called Tom Hicks, Jody Amby and Finn Thomas. They were all rich, as rich as can be because Jason helped his friends family by giving them the best job lots of money and the best school that didn't cost much and it was huge. That's what made his friends rich.

The story where we don't need to describe everything about him

*Knock Knock* It was Finn, he wanted to play some Zombie Warfare with him. A little moment later Jason opened the door.
“Hi Finn what do you want?” said Jason.
“I was wondering if you wanted to play some more Zombie Warfare with me, Jody and Tom?” asked Finn.
“OK where about?”
“Just at Central Command.”
“Sweet, I'll come meet me at the entrance.”
“Ok!” they both shouted as they went down the street to Central Command. When they were in Central Command the Captain, Captain Smoke was there waiting for them. The reason he was called Captain Smoke is because once when he was fighting he was the best of them all, but then he choked and breathed the smoke. He forgot to put on his smoke mask and he died. But then the army hospital came straight away and had taken him back to the hospital tents and they actually brung him back to life! Now that he was the only one left alive he was now Captain and called Captain Smoke, weird name but it suits him! When he walked us into the gear room he said,
"laser strike guns or other guns?"
“We will have laser strike guns please” they all said. Very well then, he went and got the armour and guns when he came back he had some grenades, fake of course! But when you throw them at the zombies the grenade does a glitchy spark and that’s it exploding and it only does damage to zombies. You can reuse it, so it never useless. When we got into our armour we went into the big door and we were into the zombie zone, there were zombies coming out already and we started to shoot. Jason already got 10 down, well that’s just because he practices and trains for the army as well. 5 minutes later they all were running low on their stamina and energy bullets for the guns, then he noticed that there was a room room. He stepped inside with his friends behind him, he opened the door and he pointed the gun into directions just in case zombies were in there. But instead there was something greater than zombies and more useful and helpful, there were grenades, energy bullets, and concussions that they didn't get given to from the Captain Smoke.

They all got geared up and actually had enough concussions to share about 10 people but they took two each and then they set off and they were killing more zombies. After the hour was up they went back through the way they came in when they were starting. When they exited the Central Command they went out and got an ice cream just for the celebration because they got more zombies than the last one. They always held the record for the most zombies killed. Also the zombies were holographic so you had to wear headsets to see them.

Later on they stopped at Jason's place just to grab the go karts he had in his garage, lying around somewhere. Then they got the helmets and then they went off to a go karting track to practice for their championship go karts derby/rally๐Ÿš“, but they really didn't really need to because they always won, so they just said altogether "let's just do it for fun!๐Ÿ‘" Jason agreed and he also said
"maybe we actually shouldn’t do it this, just so the others can have a turn at winning or at least coming 2nd or 3rd, at least because I always get 1st, and you get 2nd, and you get 3rd, it’s not really fair for them. They can go to the next stage of rallies, but it will harder and harder for them to compete and get first like I did. I actually got more than $5000 worth of fuel for the kart. What a day that was."

After they did their karting at the track they all went to Jason’s house, just to have a nerf war. When they got to Jason's house they got all prepared and got their nerf guns, nerf meeles and their army outfit on. And then they started the war! Finn had the Nerf Mastodon and Tom had the Nerf Modules Lonfire and customised it into a sniper rifle, which actually looked really cool. Next Jody had a Hyper Fire because he likes using the drum mags and it's a battery gun so its automatic shoots five darts a second and he put just a normal sniper scope.

To be continued.....

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