Dance Bog Post

We went to our school hall and were guided by a Dance teacher called Dean.
Heres some pictures…

We had two dance routines called hip hop and cha cha. Hip hop is a fast moved dance like jazz.  Cha cha is a slow moved dance where you hold hands with a girl and dance with them. We did a performance on the 2nd friday at about 7:00 PM after dinner. When we arrived we had to go to our classrooms but I had to go to room 7a. That’s because my sister Sophie has her dance before mine so my friends who siblings who are in the year4 hub has to stay in room 7a. When our time was ready we went to our whanau zone room 2. We all got into class lines but girls line on the right and boys line on the left I was in the 2nd in the line in the front. Then when we were all ready we headed off to the school hall and sat down in our line’s and watched the year five’s do their cha cha and hip hop. Next we watched the year 7 and 8’s do their dance and 2nd dance. Then it was our turn we went into the middle of the hall still in our line’s and then the the music started we did our actions for the dance about 3 minutes later it was time to do our cha cha. When our cha cha finished I thought when we were practising our cha cha I thought I just didn’t like it at all but actually it lots of fun. It was time to go home so we headed back home.

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