Multiplication And Division

WALT: Use a broad range of strategies to solve multiplication and division problems.

My goal is to work my way up to division on XtraMath and on worksheets. On multiplication I need to achieve my 12x tables.

I have learned more on multiplication like 9x6=54, 7x8=56 and 8x6=48.
My next learning step in multiplication and division is to harder on them

WALT solve multiplication using doubling and halving.

Half of  2200=1100
Half of 65=32.5
Double 65=130
Double 255=510 

18 x 4 = 72
9 x 8 = 72
I halve one side and double the other side
Half 18 is 9, Double 4 is 8.

Here is a photo of my working out

In this worksheet here I have been doing multiplication in the thousands column 
For example 
7000x7 7thousandsx7 49 thousands= 49000

On my white board I write down some division answers
For example

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