Art Attack

WALT create artist inspired artwork.

Artist: Raewyn Harris
This is my Koru Art

At the start of Art Attack week we were given a piece of paper to do colours of blending and colours that go with each other. Colours that go with each are called complementary colours. After that we made our 1st draft in pencil and we did our planning on there. Then we made our 2nd draft in pencil for a different planning. Once we have chosen our colours and what plan we did we did our 3rd/chalk draft and put in the colours as well. Here is a photo of the chalk draft.

After that when we dyed it we went onto our good copy on Wednesday.  We did the chalk first, I did it in the pink chalk because it stands out. After we did the chalk we coloured it in. It was pretty challenging to get the colours in between the chalk lines because the crayons we used were very thick. Once we are all finished we dye the art and it will turn out amazing.

So what?
If I was to complete another piece of artwork I would put in more patterns instead of block colours.

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