Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus

Why should the Pigeon drive the bus ? Because when the Pigeon is about to crash if the Pigeon is strong really strong he can fly out of the bus and grab hold of the bus and stop it and put it into the right position on the road. I think the Pigeon should drive the bus because if one of your family members drives a bus you can drive a bus only if you're old enough to drive a bus.

Why shouldn't the Pigeon Drive a bus? Because Pigeons can't get a license because they can't drive buses. They only fly they can't drive. They poop everywhere and they won't get any passengers because there's poop everywhere! . Pigeons is a bird part of the animals species. They can't drive anything they only fly that's how they get to places and Humans use buses or any other vehicle to get places. So I think that if Pigeons drive buses.Because they shouldn't fly anymore because they have got the buses to get them places.

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