Habitat: Wetlands

WALT:Describe a New Zealand habitat and the animals who live there.

My habitat is the Wetlands I chose it because it reminds me of the day I was at the Wetlands.It is a lovely place to go to.The Maori used the place as their home.At the Wetlands there is 5 different ways to remember the Wetlands The first one is bed and breakfast that means that the birds can sleep in the Wetlands and in the morning they can have their breakfast.The next thing is a sponge and that means in winter lots of water and in summer it is dry.The next thing is a sieve and that means sand,stones but when sieved the water is clear.The next thing is a nest and that mean't that the animals can breed at the Wetlands.The next thing is the Airport and that means the if Birds or Insects are travelling a long distance and need to fuel up so it goes down to the Wetlands and fuel up like at the Airport.The Wetlands is a place with lots of water and Raupo the Maoris used the Raupo to build boats so they can travel up and down the Wetlands so they can do their hunting.The Wetlands has small insects or fish that hang around the shore of the water like Water Boatman,Back Swimmer,Leaches,and Red Larvae.They all can be very fast if you want to catch one.In the winter the water rises and in summer the water dries up a bit.The Wetlands has lots of animals like Harrier Hawks,Ducks,Fish,Insects,and Eels.The animals use the place like a home.The Wetlands is a favorite place for predators because there's lots of preys cause there's lots of water so the prey like to swim and drink in the water.The Wetlands is a good place for a walk and its like an adventure place because there's loads of space and trees to adventure.The Wetlands is Foggy,Wet,Muddy,Creepy,Peaceful,Mysterious,Quiet,Native,and Natural.

The Back Swimmer.
The Back Swimmer is a little insect that can't breathe underwater.They use bubbles so they can breathe and then when there is no more air in the bubble they come up to the surface to fill up the bubble and then go back under the water.

The Tadpole.
The Tadpole is a little baby frog that swims instead of leaping on the ground or the Lilly pads on top of the water.

The Harrier Hawk.
The Harrier Hawk is a bird that loves the Wetlands cause there is lots of Ducks and swans to eat for there breakfast,dinner,,lunch,and afternoon tea.

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