The Journal of Jack Simpson

From the Journal of Jack Simpson

Shrapnel Valley, Gallipoli

Today me and Duffy had another terrifying day.  When I

walked through the battle front there was heaps of gun

smoke.  I could barely see through the smoke to see the

wounded!  I also couldn’t see any of the grenades,

missiles and bombs.  I was terrified that I might get

shot.  I felt safer with Duffy my life-saving donkey!

When it got dark I didn’t feel very comfortable without

my bed and my room.  I think about having dinner with

my family, eating roast beef and potatoes.

Instead of peace and quiet I can hear soldiers yelling in

pain .  I can smell gun smoke, blood and dirt.

I feel very scared and I am shivering like I have never

shivered before.

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